iDoc Tech Support helps you embrace the World Wide Web with ease! Whether you a looking for a consultant for your social media strategy, or a handy helper with perplexing hardware or software issues, or if you need someone to create an online presence, (like a website or a blog) for you from the ground up, iDoc Tech Support is here to assist you.

For a very affordable rate, iDoc will work with you to design a customized web presence for the individual or small business. Our goal is to create a website that is creative, concise, personal and interactive. Our focus is to help you create an online presence that your potential demographic will appreciate and be able to navigate with ease. iDoc is dedicated to working with you in a collaborative, professional and personal manner.

iDoc’s web design services are priced very reasonably. For example, with a $600.00 retainer (covering 20 hours of design-work) iDoc will create for you, a simple, dynamic, highly-functional, stylish and very user-friendly website. This may include domain name registration, Google analytics and business listings and Facebook and Twitter integration. Of course, depending on the level of assistance you need or your interests, prices may vary.

After your website is live and online, the maintenance fee is $20.00 an hour. “Maintenance” services include, but are not limited to: updating or modifying your site, adding features, applications or various programming code, and keeping it current and inline with the evolution of your business.

In addition to great website design, iDoc Tech Support also offers a comprehensive array of computer support services, including assistance with Local Area Networking (LAN), general tech troubleshooting and remote support, as well as social media management and internet marketing public relations campaigns.

If you have a project, creative idea, social cause, brand or business that you would like to promote in a cost-effective way, iDoc Tech Support may be just what you are looking for. We have been designing websites since 2002, and we have a strong background in PR, media relations and literary journalism.

Send us an email or give us a call if you’d like more information or to get started on your next great website idea.

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